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" I want to share the love I have for my towns everywhere I go. As a girl from Garza Gonzalez & San Benito I have equal love for each of them and wanted to create these products with both of them in mind. I wanted to find a way to showcase my love and this is a way for me to share it with all of you."


In Mexico, the days are slow. I feel the hours and minutes actually passing by. The white noise of the regular routine of life is absent and there is space to enjoy every single moment for what it is. So, because there is time to enjoy, the food tastes better, the conversations last longer and the air is sweeter. Bed time is later and rising is earlier but it doesn’t really matter because even when you are awake your resting. Walking on the same dirt that your ancestors and every generation after them have has a way of bringing you down to earth and giving you the deepest breath of fresh air. Here, you are inspired by the things that stand the test of time and always matter the most. God, respect, honor, family and hard work. Here, your reminded that wealth doesn’t have a whole lot to do with money. My ancestors were poor. They started their time out in this town climbing mountains to chop wood to  sell and bartering goods to keep their families alive. They travelled by horse and slept under the stars when they travelled. There wasn’t a lot of money but they gave me the richest history I could’ve ever asked for. Remembering the past gives me hope for the future. Gives me hope that I can raise my kids on these hallowed roads and maybe, some of that history will inspire them too. Maybe, when they come to the ranch, they’ll remember where they come from and it’ll spark something inside of them that reminds them who they are. This place has always been a part of me. My soul finds rest. like real rest. The kind of rest that makes me want to go back to my regular life and change some things so I could try and have the best of both worlds. I love this place. I need this place. My kids need this place. I thank God for this place. I thank God for San Benito. 

                                                                                                                       Poem by Keila Garza

Casa De Mi Pueblo

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