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Your wedding day is an extraordinary milestone, filled with joy, love, and unforgettable moments. As your dedicated photographer, my mission is to capture every precious instance of happiness throughout this incredible journey. For me, building a genuine connection with the couple is paramount. In order to document your wedding day in a truly special way, I believe in spending quality time with you. Here's how we'll make it happen:

Firstly, before you make any decisions, we'll meet up and have a detailed discussion about your vision for the big day. We'll explore the various packages I offer, ensuring we find the perfect fit for you. Both the bride and groom are encouraged to attend these meetings, as witnessing your interaction allows me to understand your chemistry and capture the essence of your relationship.

Secondly, we'll arrange a meeting to sign the contracts, schedule your complimentary engagement session, and conduct a delightful interview with the bride and groom. This interview will be filled with fun questions like how you met and what you're most excited about for the wedding day. By learning more about you both, I can create an engaging and personalized experience during your engagement session.

Speaking of the engagement session, it's a chance for us to capture your love story in a relaxed and intimate setting. We'll work together to select a location that holds meaning for you, ensuring the images reflect your unique journey.

Lastly, our final meeting before the big day will be dedicated to crafting a detailed timeline. If you have a wedding planner, I will collaborate closely with them to iron out all the specifics. Rest assured, I'll take care of the nitty-gritty details so that you can focus on enjoying every moment.

Explore the comprehensive packages I offer below, designed to cater to your specific needs. Trust in my expertise and dedication to preserving your wedding day memories in a way that will surpass your expectations. Let's embark on this remarkable journey together, creating timeless and treasured images that will forever remind you of the love and happiness that surrounded you on your special day.



Engagement photoshoots are an absolute blast! It's one of my absolute favorite things to capture. I get to witness and freeze those incredibly special moments during your session that truly represent your love story. Engagements sessions hold a unique significance as they give you a glimpse into what your wedding day will feel like behind the camera. Plus, these photos will be treasured memories that can be proudly displayed on your walls or transformed into stunning wedding decor!

To ensure we have ample time to capture all the magic, each session is at least 1 hour long, if not more. I always encourage the bride and groom to bring at least 2 outfits to add variety and excitement to your photos. But before we dive into the session, I love to kick things off by meeting my clients at my office for a quick 15-30 minute get-to-know-each-other session, complete with delicious snacks and coffee provided. It's a fun and relaxed way for us to connect before we head to our chosen location!

During the shoot, I want our sessions to feel wild and free, allowing you both to interact naturally. That means you'll be looking at each other most of the time, not at me. Get ready for some small, fun games and maybe even some delightful craziness to capture those perfect candid shots! It's all about bringing out the playful and authentic moments that truly reflect your love story.

And here's the best part: when you book an engagement session under a wedding package, it's absolutely free! But don't worry if you're not ready to book a wedding package just yet; you can still book an engagement session separately to celebrate this incredible chapter of your lives.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together, creating vibrant and joyful engagement photos that perfectly encapsulate the essence of your love.


Love is in the air, and I adore every couple that comes my way! That's precisely why I have a special package dedicated solely to capturing the magic between you and your partner. From stolen glances to sweet embraces, my goal is to freeze those tender and intimate moments that happen in between poses. I want my photos to radiate the depth of your love for one another, as well as the pure joy and excitement that defines your relationship. Together, let's create a collection of images that truly embody the fun, romance, and happiness that make your love story one for the books.

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