photo taken for @alex Lasota 



fall mini sessions

Sept 28th - Oct 2nd

4 slots per day 3:30pm &  5pm

30 minutes

25+ images

props includes 

i.e blankets, boxes


This fall I decided to do something different, and I reserved a private sunflower field for mini sessions. This will be my last availability for photos until spring, so if you have been thinking about family pics now is the time to book as I will be moving in November and wont be back until spring minis. This is open to families of all sizes {for each couple/family within a big family their is a $30 charge. ie. 1 family with 3 couples/mini families is $240. Each couple/family will get their own mini session within the main session so you will have more photos then a regular mini session}. Fall minis will also be open to maternity, senior, portrait, kids, and couple photos.


Our vision here at The Claire Creative Photography, is to provide all of our clients with the best quality work and best experience.


We do not only provide lifestyle & wedding photography we pride ourselves in Professional Corporate photography, Editorial photography, Social Media Content  Creation, and web design. We have worked successfully with over ten businesses, helping them in any of the areas above. We are Big believers in building valuable client relationships and providing you with the poof you need to trust us with you photos, website, social media, and more!  

I have a passion to capture love stories. The in between moments and laughs that you share are the most precious memories you can have. I believe that every person has their own unique style and my job is to capture that uniqueness and love in every photo. 

 photo taken for @alex Lasota 

families are unique and special, i believe every family deserves to have life's beautiful moments captured. i love being able to spend time with families and give them special memories that they will never forget. life brings about so many changes from babies to parties, to seniors and graduation and more, all these moments deserve attention and someone to capture them forever 

branded content creation is vital for any new business needing content to use for marketing, social media, and more. for over a year i have worked with local business to provide them with quality content to use for their company to further their business.

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hey my name is Clarisa Gonzalez, for over 5 years now i have dedicated myself to learning everything there is to know about my industry. i love my work and everything that comes with it but there so much more about me then just that. 

i love cats, yes i know cats are evil but they are also fluffy and cute! I love dogs, yes you can like both cats and dogs equally. i love to eat.... literally i can eat alot!!!! my favorite food is italian. im a huge movie/tv show fanatic, im always watching a series and always keeping up with new movies. i have HUGE family that i love and adore and that has supported me through everything! 

lastly and most importantly, i am so thankful for all the blessing God has put in my life. everything i have i owe to him!