designing a websight you can be proud of

we have worked with multiple companies ranging from restaurants and hair salons to construction companies and social media influencers in building them the websites they deserve at a price they can afford. we specialize is web design for those people who are focused on running their business and aren't able to put time into designing a website themselves. we work with wix website builder in order to custom design websites for our clients.


hey my name is Clarisa Gonzalez, for over 5 years now i have dedicated myself to learning everything there is to know about my industry. i love my work and everything that comes with it but there so much more about me then just that. 

i love cats, yes i know cats are evil but they are also fluffy and cute! I love dogs, yes you can like both cats and dogs equally. i love to eat.... literally i can eat alot!!!! my favorite food is italian. im a huge movie/tv show fanatic, im always watching a series and always keeping up with new movies. i have HUGE family that i love and adore and that has supported me through everything! 

lastly and most importantly, i am so thankful for all the blessing God has put in my life. everything i have i owe to him!