hey my name is Clarisa Gonzalez, for over 5 years now i have dedicated myself to learning everything there is to know about my industry. i love my work and everything that comes with it but there so much more about me then just that. 

i love cats, yes i know cats are evil but they are also fluffy and cute! I love dogs, yes you can like both cats and dogs equally. i love to eat.... literally i can eat alot!!!! my favorite food is italian. im a huge movie/tv show fanatic, im always watching a series and always keeping up with new movies. i have HUGE family that i love and adore and that has supported me through everything! 

lastly and most importantly, i am so thankful for all the blessing God has put in my life. everything i have i owe to him! 


     this fall I really wanted to start giving back to women who day in and day out kick butts in the business world. we all know about the standard, look here, chin up smile big, headshots, where you wear your best business outfit only to hate the photo because well headshots just aren't fun for anyone... though they are very much needed. i wanted to put a fun twist on our typical headshots and create a session where women get to fully express themselves and their business through their photos. this session will include hair and makeup by a professional, and a pow wow to discuss your outfits and location as well as the over all look and feel of your photos! once your shoot is scheduled we are set until the day of your session. your session will be 1 hour and include as many amazing photos that are captured. i am so excited to meet all the beautiful strong women this fall, which reminds me... this session will only be offered this fall!! September through October. the best part of this session is that its only $400, which includes hair and makeup by Janae Lockard, a brand new outfit for your photoshoot and everything else included! for each women who books a session, we will do a full blog on my website about you and your business show cased with a few of your favorites photos captured from the photoshoot! i am so so so excited to meet all of you! with much love <3 The Claire Creative 

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women in business

      Baking is in our blood. I mean, how can it not be? We grew up in our grandparent’s bakery.
Our Dad was a baker, our mom managed the retail shop, and we…well, we took after school
naps on the flour sacks. But seriously – this is where our passion for all things sweet started.
Concetta developed her baking skills working in the pastry department and Elena excelled at
customer service and building relationships while working retail. And no - we’re not twins. Ha!
But we are sisters, and we do work together, and shop at the same stores, and spend WAY too
much time together. We love chips. We love weddings. We love talking with our hands. Did I
mention that we love chips? 









      Concetta Gulluni










      Concetta is a self-taught baker and cake designer whose passion for creating custom cakes
and desserts was sparked early on. Her creative baking days began as a teenager when
she worked assisting professional pastry chefs at her family’s Italian bakeshop. Following a
career as a Geologist and graduating from Law School, Concetta returned to the world of
baking and cake design and founded Layered Cake Artistry in 2016. 
     Concetta believes baking is a creative process and each cake, a work of art. She believes
in handcrafting each of her edible creations with the highest quality ingredients and
incorporating artistic elements like hand painting, sugar flowers and fondant work. Her
designs are elegant and classic with a touch of modern detail to create an on-trend look.









          Elena Gavin








       As a teenager, Elena worked alongside her sister Concetta at their family's Italian
bakeshop. Although Elena would often assist the bakers when needed, she spent most of
her time serving clients, which she loved.  After graduating from college, a brief career in
healthcare, and staying at home with her two children for 9 years, the timing was right to
join Concetta in her venture as managing director and baking assistant.

     Elena believes that cakes and desserts are very personal and should reflect the individual.
Thats why she enjoys interacting and communicating with clients. Getting to know clients
and their stories is one of her favorite aspects of the business. Elena and Concetta work
with the client from the very beginning until the very end. From meeting at the consultation,
to creating design, baking, delivery and set up, the client can rest assured that they will get
the very best personal service and attention with the Layered team.