Our Model Package is built for aspiring models building their portfolio and wanting to advance in the model industry. We provide hair, makeup, and clothes for each model and as a team discuss the story of the shoot. Models receive 10-15 photos from their photoshoot professionally edited, as well as their choice of a print for a showcase portfolio. Our team is built of experienced makeup artist, hair stylist  and fashion experts, as well as professional photographs fitted to the needs of the modeling industry.


    We will not only help you learn how to pose and work in the modeling industry but this will help you build confidence in front of a camera working in a editorial atmosphere. Each shoot is different and tailored to the different needs of the model. We also provide opportunity for exposure in retail and social media.


    Our work has given multiple models the opportunity to be signed by management companies in the past and we plan on continue to provide a platform for aspiring models to flourish.

hey my name is Clarisa Gonzalez, for over 5 years now i have dedicated myself to learning everything there is to know about my industry. i love my work and everything that comes with it but there so much more about me then just that. 

i love cats, yes i know cats are evil but they are also fluffy and cute! I love dogs, yes you can like both cats and dogs equally. i love to eat.... literally i can eat alot!!!! my favorite food is italian. im a huge movie/tv show fanatic, im always watching a series and always keeping up with new movies. i have HUGE family that i love and adore and that has supported me through everything! 

lastly and most importantly, i am so thankful for all the blessing God has put in my life. everything i have i owe to him!